May 27th Recording
00:00 / 58:21
July 8th Recording
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6 (six) series to be hosted by Cory Reich    on the following dates:

May 27 @ 2:30pm 

June 10 @ 2:30pm

July 8 @ 2:30pm

July 22 @ 2:30pm

August 5 @ 2:30pm

September 9 @ 2:30pm

Opioid Prevention Series

Previous Recorded Lectures

Cory's August 5th Intro video

We Share and Celebrate Native Wellness by sharing our Experiences, Strengths and Hopes. This is an open group.  Topics we will cover will include - Identifying Negative Thinking patterns, Learn about Mindfulness and Relaxation techniques for Stress management, and Celebrate a Recovery-Oriented Lifestyle. Facilitated by John Oberly

talking Circle




This Group Lecture will be facilitated by Joe Gonzalez. Lecture will included guided discussion on topics of Covid-19 and Mental Health

group Lecture and discussion
Addictions and
Mental health
thursday 10am



talking Circle

10am Tuesdays

We Celebrate Native Wellness by sharing our Experiences, Strengths and Hopes. This Talking Circle will be facilitated by a Peer Mentor for the Eastern Shoshone Recovery Program